Barbie Career Photographer Doll

Lets talk careers, Barbie has presented a doll for the love of photos. This Barbie doll is 12 inches tall and has a camera to photograph scenery or friends. This doll really takes imagination to the next level. Playtime just got better when your able to pretend to photograph the latest fashions, artwork or nature. 


Barbie has on a light pink heart pattern mini dress with white strap heels. Barbie has long curly brunette hair to her shoulders. She is ready to take her photography job to the top. Let's not forget her furry pup. He tags along to keep her company while she zooms in. This doll set makes a great gift for Birthday's, Christmas, play dates and more. This doll does not stand alone. Visit our Dolls collection and add this Barbie Career Photographer doll to your cart.