Halloween Printed Halloween Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

As we enter the Halloween season now is the perfect time to decorate your kitchen with Halloween themed mitts and pot holders. Keep up to date with the trends. These add extra spice to your kitchen and steer you into this spooky event. Add a little fun to your kitchen decor this Halloween and enjoy trick or treat your way. This matching set is just what you need!

These cute 13x7-in. oven mitts and 7x7-in. potholders are perfect for hanging in the kitchen and using to grab hot items from the oven. Potholders are also great for protecting your table from hot dishes. The design on this set says Home is where you hang your broom, colored in bright orange and black. Visit our home collection and get you a set while supplies last. What a great  affordable way to protect your hands and tabletops from excess heat.