Lippie You Red Lip Gloss

During this chilly weather we do all we can to protect our luscious lips. Lippie You has created a lip gloss that's smooth, with a non sticky formula. It is vegan, cruelty and paraben free. Lippie you has several colors available but there is nothing sexier than a red bold lip. This lip gloss is scent free, and has some glitter. Want to stand out this Holiday season? Try this on, feel and look amazing!


Enjoy a sheer wash of color and shine with this red gloss. Lippie You can be applied as often as needed. Want to make a bolder statement? Apply lip liner around lip line before applying Lippie You and watch the dramatic difference. This lip gloss can fit in your purse easily so pop it in there and take it with you. We have Red Lippie You available in our accessories collection so grab one of every color and show off your lips.

Are you looking for an affordable Christmas or Birthday gift? Get Lippie You Red gloss! It's a great selection.