Whats the scoop on magnetic Eye lashes?

Well, Ive personally worn a pair of magnetic lashes putting them to the test against non magnetic lashes. The first thing I noticed was once I applied the magnetic lash liner and allowed it to sit for a bit, it made it very simple to apply the lash strip to my lid. The second thing I noticed is if I didn't allow the liner to dry a bit, it would not hold the lash right away and make a mess on my lid. I tried the brand I am Posh lashes and they were light weight, paraben free, cruelty free, super flirty.

These magnetic lashes can be applied and removed up to thirty times. Regular lashes don't allow this option without getting damaged. The regular lashes use glue to hold to the lid and don't allow the freedom of putting on and off daily. Magnetic lashes feel like luxury. The I Am Posh lashes costย  $34.That is a great deal for one pair of lashes that can be attached and unattached up to thirty times. That's under $2 daily. I like the fact that I can remove them daily and do my regular face cleansing routine without damaging my lashes are having to be careful not to get product on them.

Another tip I learned was its good to order the lash liner remover oil because residue remains on the lid line after you remove the lashes. I sure didn't want to walk around with magnetic liner while the lashes were removed. I am enjoying my magnetic lashes and We have them available to order if you want to try them for yourself.ย