Mega Barbie Themed Gift Basket

Barbie is fun and trendy, we have assembled a huge gift basket all around Barbie. Hop into imagination with this basket filled with a Barbie Fashionista with Blonde Hair, Pink and Red Hair Clips, because she must be on the scene. A two door convertible so she can ride off to lunch, Yes Barbie is stylish. A Barbie styling activity set so you can style Barbie as you think she should look, super cute shades to feel apart of the action and more.

What more could be within you ask? Well, we've added Make your own slime just for fun and  Pop it fidget to work on your dexterity. After you enjoy playing hard wash your hands with Crayola Bath tub Finger paint. Barbie can hit the road with her dogs so we have also included Barbie Mini playset with two mini dogs. Wow, When you think we could not get any better we also threw in Barbie color reveal so get ready for a day of adventure with your favorite girl Barbie!