Ozark Trail  220 lumen LED Headlamps

Don't get caught in the dark if the lights go out during stormy weather, be prepared with your Ozark Trail  220 lumen LED Headlamps. Tropical storms and hurricanes can be scary. Light up your evening and see where everything is easily. These are great for emergency lights and will keep your place illuminated. These headlamps are perfect for hands-free nighttime or lost of power navigation. We also have the option of headlamps with flashlight available. 

These are perfect for cooking while your power is off and will give you the visibility and mobility you need. These high-quality headlamps have 180 lumens of brightness. 3 LED lights are installed with a range of 50-meters beam distance so you can be well-equipped to navigate your surroundings even in the dark. Each Ozark Trail  LED headlamp can run for 3 hours. Strong, impact-resistant construction makes these headlamps durable and long-lasting. The headlamps run on 3 AAA Alkaline batteries, which are all included for your convenience.

  • 220 Lumen per light on high
  • 50 Lumen per light on low
  • 4 Modes: High, low, red light, and flash
  • Visibility up to 50 Meters
  • 12 AAA batteries included so you can use every headlamp immediately
  • Perfect for camping, hiking, and every other nighttime activity
  • Great emergency light to keep on hand
  • Comes in Green, blue, red, and black

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