Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines day is a great day to show your loved one you care with gifts. A few great gift ideas this Valentines day are as follows:

  • Chocolates
  • Gift Baskets
  • Flowers
  • Stuffed teddy

these all make great gift ideas because who doesn't love chocolates? You can drip strawberries in white or dark chocolate and present them with a card. You can offer chocolates the traditional way, in a heart shaped package. Cocoa, the main ingredient in chocolate causes the brain to release Feel Good chemicals (AKA) endorphins, so eat up and feel good!

Gift baskets make a great choice because you have buy them already assembled with fragrance, sexy lingerie, jewelry and stuffed animal, or you can make your own with wine, chocolates and favorite items. We offer specialty gift baskets in our Specialty Gift Collection with affordable pricing and quality products. We can ship the gift basket or provide local delivery. Get your Valentines Day Gift Basket here at Styles by Alexis to ensure your giving a gift that was hand assembled with love and passion. We have added fine jewelry, Bath and Body Works Lotion, Mist and 2022 Stuffed Teddy's and more to each of our Valentines baskets. Be sure to get yours while supplies last.

If your going the flowers route, roses are the #1 choice for Valentines day. You can choose red, white or pink. Why not mix the colors for a beautiful bouquet. We suggest putting them in a beautiful vase and presenting them with a valentines card.  

When choosing your stuffed animal go big or go home! Think about what animal your loved one likes most and get it large and in charge. Most people go with the stuffed teddy however elephants, ducks and dogs are also great choices with valentines day stuffed animals. These choice is great because it makes a keepsake for years to come.