Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

Disney has created many heart grabbing princesses. We all enjoy watching their stories and it's so wonderful to seeing them reach a happy ending. This year we have several princesses available for your children. Everyone remembers Jasmine, She is dressed in a shimmering blue gown and heels. Check out her lovely crown and long flowing black hair. Catch her before she flies away on a carpet! She would make a great Christmas gift selection.


Remember Tiana, She worked really hard in the beginning of her story and cooked yummy treats. She had a big dream and in the end she became a princess. She is wearing a lovely green gown with a large green tiara and has her hair pulled into and Updo. The front of her gown has flowers and the bottom is shimmering.




We also have Ariel available. She got her legs and is showing off a Turquoise shimmering gown that reminds us of the Ocean. Her flowing red hair falls lose past her shoulders and she also has on a tiara and heels. The lovely princesses make us imagine what it would be like to step into their shoes. Collection each princess is a great keepsake and they are so fun to play with. 





We have a whole selection of Disney princesses to choose from, visit our toy section and grab one of each of these dolls. These are great as Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers, Birthday gifts or for collecting.