Vibe Girls Allison Animal Vibe Including 50 Stickers And Vibe Diary


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Vibe Girls Allison Animal Vibe Including 50 Stickers And Vibe Diary

Meet the Vibe Girls - Vibrant, Inspiring, Be(YOU)tiful, and Empowering. Sharing Good Vibes all over the world with positivity, kindness, and love. Together the Vibe Girls are motivating with Good Vibes, fashion, and friendships. Each Vibe Girl is unique in their very own way. Be Kind, Be You, Girl Power is what they do. Share, log, and create new vibes with your friends in your Share Good Vibes Diary. Each diary comes with 50 positive messaging stickers. Also, every Vibe Girl comes with her very own color-changing Vibe Ring to wear and share your good vibes with. Meet Allison, Animal Vibe! She love ALL animals, especially baby Huskies. Rescuing pets is Allison's passion and she wants to help find loving homes for all abandoned pets. She believes that together we help make the world a better place one animal at a time. Allison has lots of Animal Vibe Stickers to share, Animal Kisses Rule, Peace, Love, Rescue, and Every day is a Pet Day, to name a few. Share some Good Vibes with Allison's positive sticker messages with your friends. Check out Allison's baby husky and her Be(You)tiful accessories, a kitty cat headband, an adorable pet carrier bag, awesome sunglasses, and a hairbrush for her long hair. Share Good Vibes with all the Vibe Girls, Mia - Ocean Vibes, Sophia - Happy Vibes, Luna - Art Vibes, Emma - Kindness Vibes and Jamie - Nature Vibes. What’s your Vibe? Collect them all. Each sold separately.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review